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LULA Elevators


Limited Use / Limited Application Elevators

Today there is a growing awareness of the need for accessibility in private areas. Legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act emphasizes the need for churches, lodges, and clubs to provide accessibility to members and visitors. The Schumacher Limited Use Limited Application Elevator (LULA) is the product of years of experience and research and is designed to meet the needs of your church, lodge or club. However, the LULA elevator does NOT meet the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please consult a Schumacher sales professional for guidance if you need an elevator that is ADA compliant.

For many people, mobility problems are a fact of life. An accident or just getting older can change one's ability to do something as simple as attending church. Some members may be in wheelchairs, others may simply have difficulty climbing stairs, while others may have vision impairments. Individuals with these disabilities may at times choose not to participate in activities when accessibility is a problem. However, you may wish to accommodate the needs of these individuals with an elevator, called the Schumacher 1400 Series Limited Application Elevator.

The Limited Application Elevator is the affordable answer to overcome architectural barriers in churches, lodges, clubs, and meeting halls, where permitted by state and local code. A Limited Application Elevator will fit into the space of an average size closet and is adaptable to existing conditions in most locations. The standard car size is eighteen square feet, 3’7" wide X 5’0" deep, with optional car sizes available. Custom interiors and optional automatic car door are available to complete your elevator package. Automatic controls are provided for easy operation and a smooth ride. Electromechanical interlocks prevent elevator movement while the doors are open and also prevent hallway doors from opening while the car is not at a landing. Engineered safety features throughout the Limited Application Elevator System include emergency light and alarm, handrails, and battery powered safety descent in the event of a power failure. The Limited Application Elevator has a whisper quiet hydraulic drive, quieter than most home appliances, with the motor and operating mechanism located out of the way on the lower level.

The Schumacher Limited Application Elevator exceeds safety codes as established by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1, Part XXV. The elevator carries a full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and has been proven for reliability and durability, with guaranteed quality backed by over 60 years in the Passenger elevator industry. Schumacher Hydraulic Elevators are built with dependable quality to last a lifetime. We invite you to compare the Schumacher Limited Application Elevator to any competitor, and you will find this elevator superior in design, quality, and workmanship.


1400 Series Standard Systems and Machinery
Capacity: 1400 pounds
Travel: Up to 25'*
Speed: 30 feet per minute
Floors: Up to five stops
Openings: Front, rear or side
Machine Type: Direct Acting or Roped hydraulic
Machine Location: Adjacent lowest level
Minimum Pit Depth: 3’6"
Minimum Overhead: 10’10" above the top landing
Power Supply: 220 volts 1-phase 60 cycle - (3 phase power available)
Car Design: Plastic Laminate Sidewall Cab - (Custom interiors available)
Car Size: 3’7" wide x 5’0" deep
Car Door: Two speed doors
Control System: One button collective
Hoistway Doors:

3’0" wide x 6’8" high, two speed doors

* Travel to 45’ where local codes allow

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