600 Series - Steel Wall Cab

600 Series - Steel Wall Cab

The 600 series design is our most economical cab; its steel wall construction makes the cab ideal for service use.

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Standard Features


  • Side and rear walls are made of steel panel construction and finished with baked enamel.

Front Wall

  • Return, jamb columns, and transom of stainless steel construction with provisions for signal equipment at ADA height.


  • Steel panel construction with baked enamel 
  • Fluorescent light fixtures with diffusers
  • Single speed exhaust fan


  • Reinforced hollow metal construction car doors
  • Faced with No. 4 stainless steel
  • Nylon door gibs included

Optional Features

  • Down lighting: halogen, LED or incandescent
  • Stainless steel suspended ceiling with down lighting
  • High impact laminated glass
  • Two–speed exhaust fan
  • Protection pads and buttons
  • Stainless steel cab
  • Round handrails: No. 4 or No. 8 stainless steel or bronze
  • Additional handrails
  • Stainless steel or plastic laminate base
  • Stainless steel reveals
  • Wood veneer
  • Sound deadening: cab and/or doors
  • Aluminum or steel diamond deck flooring (freight cabs)
  • Customized cab designs available