Elevator Controllers

elevator controller

The Schumacher Elevator SS5–PLC hydraulic elevator control system is specifically designed to meet the demands of the hydraulic elevator industry.

The SS5–PLC control is capable of handling single and multi–car group operation. The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) has proven to be dependable in many industrial control environments and applications. All safety functions are backed up by “self–guided” relays to provide additional protection and redundancy checking. All input and output functions of the PLC can be monitored and diagnosed using the LED indications. An optional human interface diagnostic tool is available for additional field troubleshooting and service. PLC parts can be purchased from a third–party vendor.

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  • Non–proprietary
  • Industry proven technology
  • LED indicators and diagnostics
  • Replacement parts available from third-party vendors
  • CSA Certified to B44.1 and ASME A17.5
  • Lifetime technical phone support

Standard Features

  • Non–proprietary; uses standard PLC parts and relays
  • Code compliant (CSA certified to the B44.1 and ASME A17.5)
  • Standard controls are provided with hardware for 2–4 landings
  • Standard controls are provided with hardware for front and rear staggered door openings
  • Independent service
  • Hall access
  • Car lantern
  • Hall lanterns
  • Time/date stamped diagnostics
  • Fire phase one and two fireman’s operation
  • Photo edge nudging
  • Electronic motor starting
  • STS–1 tape selector landing system
  • Free lifetime technical support

Optional Features

  • Group control
  • Code Blue hospital service
  • Battery lowering using standard UPS systems
  • Load weighing and anti–nuisance
  • Card reader and floor lock out
  • Emergency power
  • Optional diagnostic tool
  • Electronic closed loop valves
  • Time clock telescopic jack resync
  • Absolute landing systems
  • Touch screen diagnostic tools