STS-1 Elevator Landing System

Elevator Landing System

The STS-1 elevator landing system installs quickly, is highly reliable, and is standard on all Schumacher hydraulic and traction elevators.

Magnetic tape is applied to the 3" wide steel tape wherever slowdown, leveling, and stopping are required in the hoistway. The selector heads are held in position by nylon guides that follow a steel tape mounted to the rail system at the top and bottom of the hoistway. Stainless steel tape is also available.

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  • CSA Certified
  • Compatible with many makes and models of solid state elevator control systems
  • Lowmaintenance— sensors are used instead of mechanical switches
  • LED indicators visually monitor all inputs
  • Includes brackets for mounting solid state selector
  • Includes guide for positioning magnetic tape
  • Easy to align and adjust
  • Selector has eight operational functions
  • Highly reliable using solid state components
  • Mounted anywhere on the car with minimal running clearance
  • All mechanisms, including power supply and ample connecting wire, are included in the aluminum extrusion housing.