Featured Projects

Create 319 

A perfect blend of passenger and freight styling, this one-of-a-kind modernized elevator is as creative as the office building it’s housed in at Create 319 in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The building owner, who had a background in metal fabrication, dreamed up the design for an industrial-looking elevator that would allow for passengers to view artwork through the walls as they rode from floor-to-floor. 
Schumacher was just the company for the job. First, the freight elevator was removed, leaving only the platform, and passenger doors replaced the vertical bi-parting freight doors. A clear glass ceiling was installed, as well as mesh walls inset from the platform edges. The new design also included a hidden access door with a stop-switch so that the artist could maneuver behind the mesh walls to update the artwork as needed. The end result was a fully-functioning, original elevator that’s truly a work of art.

Waverly Area Veterans Post Elevator

Donated by Schumacher Elevator Company, this custom elevator honors and commemorates United States military prisoners of war, soldiers missing in action, and veterans in a special way at its home in the Waverly Area Veterans Post. As passengers ride in the cab, the glass back reveals a breath-taking painting of military personnel, with the words, "Never Forgotten," inscribed on the bottom, while the perimeter lights slowly flash red, white, and blue. Schumacher proudly supports and honors those who have and are currently serving for our nation's freedom. 

UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine Cedar Falls

Ruan Building

Schumacher Headquarter's Elevator

Holiday Inn Des Moines