Select The Right Model

select the right model

As an industry leader, Schumacher Elevator Company brings over 75 years of manufacturing, installation, and service expertise to the elevator market. Schumacher Elevator offers custom and standard elevator packages to suit nearly any low- to high-rise project.

When choosing your next elevator, take the guesswork out of the planning process with our five-step selection process.

Step One - Rise Height

Choose an elevator type from the chart based on the rise — bottom floor to top floor height. Colors indicate the recommended range of minimum and maximum rise heights.

elevator distance chart

Please call us at 800-779-5438 for a personalized evaluation of your needs.

capacity image

Step Two - Capacity

Factors that determine capacity are floor population, building use or type, as well as local and national codes. If codes require building to have stretcher/gurney access, a 3,500 lb. capacity car (or larger) is required.

Please refer to the specs and drawings on the elevator product pages to determine the size of elevator and quantity you need to suit your specific application. For additional help selecting the proper size and number of elevators, please call 800-779-5438 to reach a Schumacher design professional.

Hoistway requirements

Step Three - Hoistway Requirements

Please refer to the specs and drawings on the page of the specific elevator type you have chosen. All the dimensions shown are based on our standard hoistway for the various sizes shown. Other sizes are available on an engineer-to-order and manufacture-to-order basis.

Machine Control Room Requirements

Step Four - Machine Control Room Requirement

A separate machine room is required for most elevators. The machine room can be located either adjacent or remote from the hoistway.

Don’t have room for a machine control room? Consider our Hydraulic and Traction Machine Room-Less models.

Elevator Cab Design

Step Five - Car Design

Schumacher specializes in custom engineered and manufactured-to-order projects that require a high level of creativity and customization. In addition, Schumacher Elevator offers standard cab finishes and pre-engineered packages to meet short lead times. For standard cabs, Schumacher offers flexibility when selecting walls, ceilings, lighting, handrails, etc.

Please call 800-779-5438 for a free consultation with one of our design professionals. When it comes to elevators, we aspire to help make your vision a reality.

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