Schumacher Elevator Company, the world wide leader in Custom Elevator design.  Freight, Hydaulic, Traction, Cable, Cab Design, Manlift, LULA, designs, engineer, and more.  Building and customizing elevators since 1936 in Denver Iowa.




Schumacher Elevator Company

Since 1936 Schumacher Elevator Company has been manufacturing complete elevator systems and components. Our complete product line includes Passenger, Service & Freight Elevators, Limited Application Elevators, Home Elevators and Personnel Elevators (Electric Manlifts). From our custom cabs to our state-of-the-art controllers, Schumacher components are built to last.

Schumacher Elevator Company

Schumacher Elevator Company is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Schumacher elevators are designed to enhance the usable appearance and value of your building for many years. Schumacher quality is engineered into every elevator system and component we manufacture.




At Schumacher Elevator Company, we specialize in the installation of hydraulic and traction elevator systems for commercial, residential, industrial and healthcare facilities in both new and existing buildings.

Before, during and after the installation of your elevator system, Schumacher Elevator Company’s team of experts will be there to make sure your system is not only appropriate for your needs but operating in excellent condition.

Schumacher Production Services

In today’s competitive economy, Schumacher Elevator has learned the importance of partnerships that help keep costs down, quality up, and product on time.  With our new facility and capabilities, Schumacher can extend a hand to offer the best and most beneficial contract services to aid your company.

Schumacher Manufacturing has the capability to manufacture your standard or specialty product.  From preliminary engineering and design to final production – Schumacher manufacturing has the experience and equipment to satisfy all of your production needs. 

We have highly trained electrical and mechanical engineers on staff as well as a complete design department equipped with the latest version of AUTOCAD.

Production capabilities include: bending, punching, welding (stick/mig) and forming of sheet steel; structural steel fabrication; powder coating and wet painting; and a complete wood and laminate shop. 

If you have used contract services, you understand the benefits they offer.  If you have not, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how sub-contracting can save you time and money. 

Schumacher maintains an outstanding reputation for service, quality and on-time delivery.  If you have a manufacturing need, or are looking for a way to make your production flow more quickly and efficiently, let Schumacher Manufacturing demonstrate how our contract services can benefit you.


Schumacher Elevator Company

Custom Elevators and Elevator Modernization