Special Purpose Personnel Elevators


Special Purpose Personnel Elevators (SPPE) provide vertical transportation of authorized personnel and their tools/equipment only. SPPE elevators are installed in grain elevators, radio antennas and bridge towers, underground facilities, dams, and power plants.


Schumacher Special Purpose Personnel Elevator (SPPE) systems feature a rugged design, low maintenance, quiet operation, and easy installation.


  • Available in 300, 500, 650, and 1,000 lb. capacities
  • Available in NEMA 4 (non-hazardous locations) & Hazardous Location electrical ratings
  • Emergency exit, non–skid steel floor
  • Full folding door with safety switch
  • Self cleaning door track to eliminate dust accumulation
  • Car and control panel pre–wired for automatic operation, interior light, and alarm switch
  • 8# steel T–rails for car and counterweight
  • VVVF Drive provides smooth operation and accurate floor leveling
  • Up to 100 fpm
  • Optional: rear exit doors (1,000 lb. only)
  • Optional: constant pressure operation
  • Optional: stainless steel car
  • Optional: down-speed governor on counterweight
  • Optional: hazardous location enclosure
  • Meets or exceeds the ASME Code A17.1 for Special Purpose Personnel Elevators
  • Other NEMA and class ratings available
  • Non-proprietary equipment


  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive provides smooth operation and accurate floor leveling while increasing the life of the equipment
  • NEMA 4 control panel will accept 240–480 volts
  • Controller incorporates all electrical devices required for maximum operational safety of the elevator
  • Fused disconnect
  • Control circuit transformer, reverse phase relay, anti–weld relay, and reverse starter
  • All components pre–wired to a numbered terminal strip

Power Unit

  • 3 HP, 60 hertz, 240–480 volts, electric motor mounted on a rugged steel channel frame with gear reducer, brake, 22" diameter traction sheave, sheave gripper, and down–speed governor
  • Motor, gear reducer, and brake are engineered for long, trouble–free service
  • Electrically actuated disc–type magnetic brake for positive control and protection
  • Synchronized down–speed governor and car safeties will stop car if overspeed occurs
  • Motor can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position

Landing Door

  • All landing doors included in standard packages
  • Available as left or right hand swing
  • Door equipped with electromechanical locking device to prevent door from opening when the car is not at a landing
  • Elevator will not operate when landing door is unlocked
  • Replacement doors furnished with or without locking devices

Standard Drawings & Specs

Layout Dimensions
Pit, Overhead & Machine Room 
Capacity (lb.)CounterweightHoistway (W x D)Landing Door Frame (W x H)Interior (W x D)HeightSpeedDWGPDF
Rear40" x 42"37 1/2" x 91"26 3/4" x 26 3/4"82"100
Side48" x 36"37 1/2" x 91"26 3/4" x 26 3/4"82"100
Rear48" x 45 1/2"43 1/2" x 91"31 3/4" x 31 3/4"82"100
Side54" x 40 1/2"43 1/2" x 91"31 3/4" x 31 3/4"82"100
Rear52" x 48 1/2"47 1/2" x 91"35 1/4" x 35 1/4"82"100
Side58" x 40 1/2"47 1/2" x 91"35 1/4" x 35 1/4"82"100
Rear58" x 54 1/2"53 1/2" x 91"

41 3/4" x 40 3/4"82"100
Side64" x 46 1/2"53 1/2" x 91"41 3/4" x 40 3/4"82"100
SpeedMinimum Pit DepthMinimum OverheadCapacityCab Height
0-200 fpm
5'0"15'6"2000-4000 lbs8'0"
0-200 fpm
5'2"15'6"4500-5000 lbs8'0"
-350 fpm
5'9"16'0"2000-5000 lbs8'0"
-400 fpm
5'9"16'4"2000-5000 lbs8'0"
-500 fpm
6'4"16'10"2000-5000 lbs8'0"

All Schumacher Elevator Company Special Purpose Personnel Elevators / Manlifts meet or exceed all requirements set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineeers (ASME A17.1).

Given dimensions are for planning purposes only and are not intended for construction use. Actual dimensions will be verified during the engineering process.

Custom designs available.

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