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Schumacher Elevator Company specializes in freight elevators with nonstandard sizes, capacities, finishes, and NEMA ratings. All projects are designed to provide the most economical and efficient solution available. Car enclosure panels are individually replaceable, and the car frame and platform are reinforced for extra stability. Signal equipment and lighting is recessed for protection.


  • Shorter design and lead time than a traction system
  • Minimal pit and overhead requirements
  • Low and high capacity
  • Lower initial costs and maintenance than a traction system
  • Manual or power vertical bi-parting doors
  • Non-proprietary equipment

Loading Classes

A: General Freight Loading
Move on and off car platform manually or by hand trucks; weight of any single piece of freight or any hand truck and its load cannot exceed 25% of the rated load.
B: Motor Vehicle Loading
Used solely to carry trucks or passenger automobiles up to the rated capacity of the elevator.
C1: Industrial Truck Loading (truck carried)
Truck carried by the elevator; load and truck cannot exceed capacity.
C2: Industrial Truck Loading (truck not carried)
Truck used for loading and unloading but not usually carried by the elevator; load and truck cannot exceed 150% capacity.
C3: Other Loading with Heavy Concentrations
Truck not usually used. Design based on material handled.

Standard Drawings & Specs

standard carb

Standard Cab

Typically used for moving passengers.
extended cab


IBC Gurney Compliant.
Often used as building service elevators.
Layout Dimensions
Cab, Heights & Overhead
Capacity (lb.)Loading ClassOpeningsHoistway (W x D)Pit DepthInterior WidthInterior Depth Interior Depth Door (W x D)DWGPDF
Width x Reg Door Depth x Pass Door Depth(7'-8" Cab)1-Section Gate 2-Section Gate

Class BF11’10” x 21’1” x 21’3”5'6"9'6"20'0"19'9 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”

Class BF & R11’10” x 21’3” x 21’7”5'6"9'6"19'11"19'6"9’6” x 7’8”
8000Class BF11’10” x 21’1” x 21’3”5'6"9'6"20'0"19'9 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”

Class BF & R11’10” x 21’3” x 21’7”5'6"9'6"19'11"19'6"9’6” x 7’8”
10000Class BF11’10” x 22’6” x 22’8”5'6"9'6"21'5"19'9 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”
10000Class BF & R11’10” x 22’8” x 23’0”5'6"9'6"21'4"19'6"9’6” x 7’8”
5000Class CF9'6" x 10'7" x 10'9"4'6"7'6"9'6"9'3 1/2"7'6" x 7'8"
5000Class CF & R9’6” x 10’9” x 11’1”4'6"7'6"9'6"9'0"7'6" x 7'8"
6000Class CF11’6” x 10’7” x 10’9”5'0"9'6"9'6"9'3 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”
6000Class CF & R11’6” x 10’9” x 11’1”5'0"9'6"9'6"9'0"9’6” x 7’8”
8000Class CF11’10” x 12’6” x 12’8”5'0"9'6"11'5"11'2 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”
8000Class CF & R11’10” x 12’8” x 13’0”5'0"9'6"11'5"10'11"9’6” x 7’8”
10000Class CF11’10” x 14’6” x 14’8”5'0"9'6"13'5"13'2 1/2"9’6” x 7’8”
10000Class CF & R11’10” x 14’8” x 15’0”5'0"9'6"13'4"12'11"9’6” x 7’8”
15000Class CF14’1” x 16’6” x 16’8”5'6"11'5"15'5"15'2 1/2"11'5” x 7’8”
15000Class CF & R14’1” x 16’8” x 17’0”5'6"11'5"15'4"14'1111'5” x 7’8”
20000Class CF14’5” x 20’6” x 20’8”6'0"11'5"19'5"19'2 1/2"11’5” x 7’8”
20000Class CF & R14’5” x 20’8” x 21’0”6'0"11'5"19'4"18'11"11’5” x 7’8”
25000Class CF17’5” x 20’6” x 20’8”6'6"14'5"19'5"19'2 1/2"14’5” x 7’8”
25000Class CF & R17’5” x 20’8” x 21’0”6'6"14'5"19'4"18'1114’5” x 7’8”
Minimum Pit DepthMinimum OverheadCab HeightMachine Room Drawing

F - Front
R - Rear
SS - Single Slide
CP - Center Parting
TS - Two Speed

All Schumacher Elevator Company In-Ground Hydraulic Elevators meet or exceed all requirements set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineeers (ASME A17.1).

Given dimensions are for planning purposes only and are not intended for construction use. Actual dimensions will be verified during the engineering process.

Custom designs available.

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