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Sacramento's Capitol Elevator collaborates with Schumacher to design a truly unique 2000-pound capacity elevator. A typical home elevator travels at 45 feet per minute or less. This commercial-style home elevator, however, runs at 200 feet per minute. A GAL Galaxy IV controller powers a basement-mounted gearless traction GL-171-20 machine. This design was desirable, as it minimizes noise in the living areas and retains the open feel of the hoistway.


Engineers drew up a 1.5-inch thick steel base plate cast into the floor of the 6-foot deep pit. The plate was massive for a home elevator and built to withstand the upward pull of nearly 5,000 pounds of counterweight. The cab assembly, featuring 3/4-inch glass, is suspended by 1,500 feet of steel cable slung around five sheaves.


The elevator carries passengers from the grand entry on the main level up 14 feet to the living quarters of the Timberpeg home and down 53 feet to an impressive wine cave/entertainment area below.

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